the office

The most frequent question I got before I left Boston was… What are you going to miss?

The most frequent question I get now that I’m in Portland is… How’s the new job?

I facilitated my first public meeting last night and am spearheading a proposal for a new project at an historic hazelnut farm in Eugene – so that’s been amazing. I love the office and the work we’re doing and being downtown and being back in Portland… there’s such an energy in the office and in this city. But I’d forgotten what it feels like to be the new kid. Sometimes I feel like everything is coming together, but often I feel like a fish out of water. Everything is familiar, but not entirely clear. I just have to learn to be patient, let the whole experience unfold, and savor every moment. Pretty soon I’ll be so immersed in the work that I’ll have forgotten what this exciting new moment feels like.

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