don’t you just love october

How do you top a gorgeous sunny October day in Autzen Stadium (where Oregon beat Washington State 53-7)?! By capping off the day tuning into a Red Sox playoff game on the radio in my new car on the drive back to Portland. Listening to the game on the radio reminded me of 2005 when I listened to Jerry Trupiano and Joe Castiglione call the games on hot humid summer nights from my porch in Brookline. Don’t you just love October!

2 thoughts on “don’t you just love october”

  1. A new car! How exciting. I thought of you often as we drove around the desert and semi-desert regions surrounding La Serena this weekend. A very other-worldly experience, not just because of the telescopes at the observatory we visited.

  2. Laurie! Love the new car! It is so great to see your smiling face! We miss you, but it is so great to see you so happy and enjoying being back in Portland! We need some big time coast to coast Sox vibes to get out of this mess!!! It is Soxtober….. K

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