what a fabulous weekend at the coast with the peets! it was just like all the good old times rolled into one weekend! we watched and (melissa and i) sang ALL the songs from grease 2, walked along the prom, ate pronto pups, played skeeball and scrabble, had a crab and spaghetti feed, and watched the ducks game (which had to be the saddest performance i’ve seen in a long time*). i have to say of all the things i’ve enjoyed being back in oregon, spending time with melissa and her family has been one of the best surprises!

*for those of you following the blog, but not college football, the oregon ducks’ dream season went south with one snap of our heisman-hopeful dennis dixon’s knee during our loss to the University of Arizona. that one injury took him out of the running for college football’s biggest individual award and took our team out of the running for a national title. it was beautiful while it lasted and i think it’ll be a long time before we forget how great it was to watch dixon and oregon’s amazing spread offense.

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