What is it about Boston?

That gets under your skin. That makes you miss it even in winter when all you’re hearing about are bitterly cold days and snow drifts the size of large dogs. That (even 3000 miles away) can make you feel the sting of the wind that comes off the harbor and gets under every layer of clothing covering your body (so many layers that you didn’t think you’d be able to pull your pants over them or get your arms through them). That freezes every last inch of your body’s fluids so that you take an hour or more to thaw out once you get inside. That when your new hometown is experiencing some its lowest temperatures of the season you (who hates the cold like it was the devil) can walk around the block without a coat on and get funny looks from others who are bundled up like its the Arctic. That causes you to wonder (only for a split second mind you) if they’re on to something with this love of Dunkin Donuts coffee. That makes you wish it was baseball season 365 days a year.

2 thoughts on “What is it about Boston?”

  1. I can imagine how much you miss Boston! It’s been many years since living in Mass it’s still my favorite city. If you ever need a fellow Boston fan to commiserate with you know where we live! I’m already planning on indoctrinating Tate as a Portland Bostonian.

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