please come to boston

Kenny Chesney sings that song and I heard it loud and clear from all my friends before my first visit back to Beantown since moving away last summer. My trip began amidst a city wide celebration for the Celtics after they blew away the Lakers in the final game of the NBA Championships. It was there first title in over twenty years so you can imagine the how raucous the street parties were after the game. I couldn’t help but think… a party for me?! Ahhh, you shouldn’t have!

I flew into the city on a warm summer afternoon and met Amy Houghton at our old haunt – the Barking Crab – for lobster rolls and margaritas. We’d spent so many summer nights there my car just about drove itself. After we’d had our fill of the Crab we headed to Kaitlyn and Andrew’s pad in Back Bay because “Big sporting event+Laurie in Boston=watching the game with Kaitlyn and Andrew.” The ride there was no small event. Amy took us through a sea of Celtics fans making their way to the Garden for the start of the game.

With a start like that this trip was destined to be amazing. And by the next day it just got better when I woke up leisurely and then drove into Charlestown to have lunch with the other Amy – Amy McDermott. If I hadn’t been up late to watch the game and a little weary from the time difference it would have been great to arrive at my former office at the old appointed hour of 8:30 and gone up to my old desk in our 2nd floor office to catch up just like old times. That office was the place of more meaningful talks that any other single place in my life. Of course the fact that someone new is sitting at my old desk would have put a bit of crimp in this grand plan. Ah, but it didn’t matter where we were or how much time had passed since we last worked together at the Olmsted Center. Amy and I hit the ground running and had another great time talking and catching up. My only regret was that we couldn’t do it again the next day and the next day and the next day…

This was only the beginning and the wonderful ride continued throughout the week. There were still so many adventures yet to unfold… drinks out with the girls to celebrate Kaitlyn’s wedding; strawberry picking at a north shore farm with Lauri; banana pancakes at Paramount with Karen, Ian, Kaitlyn, Andrew and Amy; Lauri’s birthday celebration; a pre-funk party for Kaitlyn and Andrew, and of course the main event – their wedding (see other posting). All the things I’d missed since leaving Boston were packed into one wonderful week. A week that allowed me to relive one of the best summers I ever had – my last summer in Boston.

I came full circle on my last day. Two things remained on my list – a coffee run with Amy in Charlestown – just like we used to do every day at work, and to sink my toes into the sands of New England. So after Amy and I sauntered into Charlestown for our last cup I headed north to Singing Beach so I could soak in the sounds, smell and feel of the north shore. I don’t remember being overly impressed with New England beaches when I first moved to Connecticut, but I slowly grew to love them and now I carry them with me. Please Come to Boston he sang and I did. I’m so glad I did.

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