summer camp

I started going to summer camp when I was a wee child. It wasn’t that I didn’t love summers at home – what’s not to love about making forts in the back of the station wagon during long road trips, eating the best popsicles ever made, going to Sunriver, getting daisies painted on my toenails, and playing in the forest. But summer camp drew me in at an early age.

I think I was 7 when i first packed a suitcase and spent a week singing camp songs, sleeping in a cabin, eating in the lodge, making art, and roasting s’mores. It was the best! And each summer I made my way on the bus to camp, first at Namanu near Mt. Hood and then Westwind on the Oregon Coast. I spent my last summer at Westwind ten years later. Of course I wasn’t a camper by then, but a counselor which allowed me to soak up camp life all summer long. It was one of the best summers and a great way to end my tenure at camp.

I’ve always wanted to relive that experience and I did just that last weekend at Breitenbush. It’s like summer camp for adults with a lot of the things I associate with camp – beautiful hand crafted cabins, a gorgeous lodge with music and a library, bells to ring you into breakfast, lunch and dinner – and a few new perks – yoga classes, hot springs, and masseuses. Ivy, Beth and I were there with Tara to celebrate her upcoming marriage. But you can bet it won’t be the last time I make my way there. It looks like summer camp is back!

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