i’m always good

I heard something very powerful today – not on the news and not from someone wearing wisdom on their sleeve, but from someone I encountered at the grocery store. He’s from Africa. I know this because the little girl in line with her mom had asked. He’s singing as he weighs my fruits and vegetables and has a wide smile on his face. And when the woman behind me asked how he was he answered, “I’m always good.” Although it shouldn’t have, it caught me by surprise. And it wasn’t what he said, but how he said it. He wasn’t saying it for affect or to be cute or trite. He was sincere and he meant it and kept on singing. “I’m always good,” he had said – what empowerment, what peace.

One thought on “i’m always good”

  1. Hi there. I stumbled into taking the long way from Carrie and Danielle’s site.I know that peace. Every once in a while you meet someone like that and it just knocks everything into focus, or wonder.I love thinking about how he would react to know that he has touched a stranger in this way, to blog about him, and then me, to comment about him.That makes me think about all the little moments in the day I could inspire someone, with such a tiny action or word. Y’know, instead of having that dear in headlights look as I’m checking things off an imaginary list behind my eyes. 🙂

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