Traveling is not as glamorous as it once was. You have to practically strip down to your knickers and empty everything out of your bag before passing through security. Delays are common place. Planes have become huge petrie dishes that pass illnesses around like hot potatoes. The seats are often uncomfortable and cramped, and those that provide a little more comfort are expensive. But even amongst all this chaos there is beauty.

A gentleman who wished to remain anonymous gave up his seat in first class to an American soldier flying back from Iraq on my flight from Minneapolis to Portland last week. He made this gesture quietly. He wanted no recognition, but the soldier wouldn’t give up until he found the root of this generosity. Once he did, the soldier walked back to thank the gentleman who humbly accepted his thanks. And in turn, the gentleman thanked the soldier for his contribution to our country. It was a simple and thoughtful exchange that I was honored to witness.

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