jackson hole

I kept waiting for the shoe to drop, but it never did. Four days, four girlfriends, roundtrip airfare, spa treatments, penthouse suite at the Teton Mountain Lodge, car, lift tickets and demo skis – all on the house. It seemed too good to be true, but it wasn’t. It really happened and we soaked up every last minute of it. On top of all that I got to reconnect with an old friend and his wife who made our weekend even better. We really felt embraced by Jackson Hole. Of course the best part of the whole weekend was being able to share all the magic of my good luck with Cyd, Lee & Tricia.

Cyd, Lee, Tricia & Laurie (taken by the possible future governor of Michigan)

Laurie, Lee, Cyd & Tricia heading to dinner in town

Apres Ski in the penthouse suite with views of the mountain – Lee, Darin, Genny, Tricia & Cyd

The Spa – our home away from home

2 thoughts on “jackson hole”

  1. um, jealous . . . it all looks so amazing and grand and decadent and cozy! i’m so glad you had so much fun. p.s. how’d you meet the potential future governor?

  2. He overheard us talking about renewable energy at breakfast (Lee is head of the Solar Now program for the City of Portland) and so introduced himself and chatted with us. My friends can charm the pants off people and he was no different.

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