two peas in a pod

We were like two peas in a pod – Amy and I. We shared an office on the 2nd floor of Quarters C at the Charlestown Navy Yard – our own little pod so to speak. And more often than not we wound up at work wearing nearly identical outfits – not twins necessarily, but the same shade of blue or green or brown or pink (we love the same shades of blue and green and brown and pink). It was uncanny how often it happened. Of course truth be told we share a similar (and might I say pretty darned chic) style. Remember – two peas in a pod.

So now we don’t see each other every day (with me living 3000 miles away and all), but no matter we are still on the same stylish wavelength. Last week when mutual friends of ours were visiting Portland they noticed my red shoes and said – you know Amy is obsessed with her red shoes. And truth be told… so am I. Maybe someday we’ll be able to click the heels of our red shoes together three times, whisper “there’s no place like home” over and over again, and be back together again.

Yup I still miss her!

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