john hughes – favorite moments

1. duckie’s lip synch in pretty in pink
2. going into labor scene (to the soundtrack of kate bush’s “this woman’s work”) from she’s having a baby
3. cameron talking to ed rooney in ferris bueller’s day off
4. making the “perfect woman” in weird science
5. putting lipstick on with no hands from the breakfast club
6. having birthday cake with jake ryan in a bridesmaid dress from sixteen candles
7. “black and white would just capture the moment” line from sixteen candles
8. geek stuck under the glass table from sixteen candles
9. lunch scene (especially the captain crunch-pixie stick sandwich) from the breakfast club
10. getting diamond earrings from your best friend who’s just realized he’s in love with you from some kind of wonderful

oregon road trip

4 days
1425 miles
20 counties
17 rivers
200 photos
2 campfires
1 thunder and lightning storm
5 state parks
4 mountain ranges
1 flat tire
4 new tires
1 national park
7 national forests
1 ocean

= 1 incredible state

headwaters of the mckenzie river

wheat farm in the wallowa valley

road in the catlow valley at the base of the steens mountains

trail in the willamette national forest

warehouse at the confluence of the columbia river and pacific ocean