meet you in padanaram

We spent a good four years together nearly every day while we were in graduate school in Eugene. Now we are scattered around the country – Amy’s in Boston, Catriona and Sam are in Philly, David is in Missoula, and Ivy and I are in Portland.

Every year or so we get together for a weekend, but it’s been a long time since the whole gang’s been able to gather. There was Philly in 2003, Nantucket in 2004, and Portland in 2008. This year we all met for Labor Day weekend at Round Hill in Padanaram, Massachusetts (Amy’s parent’s summer place on the shores of Buzzards Bay).

We ate lobster and fresh farm grown produce, swam in the calm ocean waves and lounged on the beach, rode around in golf carts and hiked through the woodlands, biked around the inlets and stopped for homemade ice cream. We watched a little tennis and played a little bocce. The weather was warm and gorgeous and the whole weekend was too dreamy for words.

One thought on “meet you in padanaram”

  1. Oh, this makes me smile — I can absolutely see why this is your choice. Sure, the scenery is great, but that's just a bonus. A "reunion" trip with friends could be anywhere, and still be best place. I feel so lucky to have a group of girlfriends who *try* to take a trip together every year. We've done beach, mountain, lake… and this past year after everyone's belt had to tighten… a friend's front porch. It was just as great.

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