vacation every day

Landing in Boston (after a nonstop from Portland – thanks Alaska Airlines) and getting picked up in a convertible with the top down is the right way to start a vacation. But that in no way compares to having a wonderful 24 hours with Lauri and Magnus at their new home in Newburyport. It was short, but Lauri and I really know how to pack amazing conversations and experiences into soul-enriching moments of time.

I love experiencing the everyday moments of life… from getting a little turned around in New England, to stopping by one of its best farmers markets (the farm had a live buffalo for pete’s sake), to listening to neighbors (they could give reality tv stars a run for their money) while we drank a decadent bottle of Pinor Noir. Dinner started by getting excited to cook an amazing Indian curry dish only to find out we were out of tumeric which led to picking up the phone and ordering Thai. Watching a little Ducks football (before things turned ugly) and then falling into a deep slumber in the best guest quarters a tired traveler could ask for – I nodded off to the sounds of New England church bells striking the eleventh hour.

In the morning we ducked into town to grab a little coffee before heading to the beach with our picnic breakfast where we got to talk and catch up to the sound of the waves and the sights of summer’s end. Newburyport is Lauri and Magnus’ new home and they chose well – it feels like vacation every day.

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