one in five baby, one in five

Hey, but let’s make it one in three… or better yet the WINNER of the ultimate (feels like it’s made for me) contest.

I got the call last week and have been defying gravity ever since. I am one of five nationwide semi-finalists in a blogging contest whose winner will get a chance to blog from the Winter Olympics next February. But I need your help to get to the next round – your votes will allow me to make my way to the podium and be one of the three finalists. (I’m gunning for gold!)

Here’s the scoop – it’s one vote per day between now and midnight on November 29th! So add it to your daily to-do list. Brush teeth, take vitamins, VOTE FOR LAURIE at:

Excerpt from my winning entry:

“Has anyone ever told you you’re a sports nut?” That question came from a friend on facebook the other day. And yes, I have to say – it’s been mentioned a time or two before. Not only do I love sports, but I’ve passionately followed the Olympics since I was young. However, I’m not a one-trick pony. I also follow pop culture (and can spot a celebrity spectator from a mile), hail from the Pacific Northwest (so understand the Vancouver region and its history), am a bit of a foodie (so can wax poetic about a fusion dish using local ingredients), and a frequent traveler (allowing me to share the many travel tips I have up my sleeve). I’m also a photographer (documenting stories visually as well as poetically) and landscape architect (understanding place and design like few others). In a nutshell, I don’t have tunnel vision, but can relate Olympic stories to a broad constituency – providing context for the salacious details of the XXI Olympic Winter Games. And let me tell you I’ll be on top of those salacious details.

Thanks in advance for your tremendous support!

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