just a little more time

It happens every time. Every time I receive a message (mostly cryptic and rarely direct) from the folks running the Microsoft Winter Games blogging contest a song pops in to my head. It runs on a loop for about 12 hours… a lovely little ditty from the 80s.

“Just a little more time is all we’re asking for. Cause a little more time could open closing doors. Just a little uncertainty can bring you down…”

You get the picture. Really it’s only the first line that keeps repeating itself. Frankly I’m tired of hearing it. And I’m tired of hearing that the announcement – of who will be blogging from the Winter Olympics – is delayed yet again. And I’m really tired of having to keep all my friends and family and supporters in the dark – especially after the votes you cast for my blog way back in November pushed me even closer to a dream.

So yes, like Corey Hart sings in Never Surrender, his classic ballad from 1985… all they are asking for is a little more time!

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