There is so much creativity in this world. I am inspired every single day by friends and strangers alike due in large part to the vibrant creative community I have found through this blog.

Last fall my world burst open. One day I submitted a contest entry with the hopes of blogging from the Winter Olympics and the next I was named one of its five semi-finalists. I had to pinch myself every single day. I also had to stump for votes every single day. Through that process my network expanded exponentially. I discovered and was found by writers and artists who wanted to support one of their own – someone like them whose dream was just this close to being realized. I will never forget how that felt – it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Case in point, through that adventure I was fortunate to discover the photography and musings of Susannah Conway. A London artist whose photographs caught my eye and whose online courses inspired me. She brings artists from all over the world together for eight weeks of creative discovery. I’ve jumped on board and will be participating in her unravelling course for the next two months.

So stay tuned… I’m looking forward to exploring and sharing what I discover through this process. Inspiration breeds inspiration, and I want all of us to feel inspired… every single day.

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