I love fonts. I started my love affair with them at a very young age. I even had a tiny collection of handset type that included my initials and birthdate. It was a homely mix of fonts, but I loved them just the same. I used to take them out of the old printer’s drawer we had hanging on the wall and play – moving them this way and that – before putting them back and arranging them just so. (no wonder I became a graphic designer)

Skip ahead twenty years when I stumbled upon a letterpress room at the University of Oregon – a whole room full of type and presses that had been donated to the school for use by its fine arts students. I found myself drawn to that dimly lit cavernous space near the loading dock of the architecture and allied arts buildling. A forgotten corner of the campus where I would get lost for hours on end – setting letters into words and words into art. The prints I created from that period are still some of my favorites.

Some day (some day soon I hope) I will find myself back in a room full of type and presses, maybe not the same room, but another one full of the same possibilities of ink and type and paper and the magic they create together . In the meantime I’m eagerly anticipating the release of this new documentary – Typeface which captures the beauty of this dying art form.

2 thoughts on “typeface”

  1. Laurie,

    We share a mutual friend, Jennifer, and a mutual love — fonts. If you are ever up in Olympia, I will invite you to the most magical house in the woods chock full of fonts. I can’t describe my childish delight when I discovered it, but reading your column I think you’d feel the same way. My friend Jami runs the Sherwood Press and her work is inspiring and the story of the press equally so. Would love to show you areound.


    1. I would love that! Thank you for such a wonderful invitation. I’ll definitely take you up on it next time I’m in Olympia.

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