McQueen is dead, long live McQueen

I don’t follow fashion as much as I used to. It’s been years since my pre-teen bedroom was plastered in Vogue magazine “wallpaper”, but I still follow the rag trade as a source of inspiration. Design is design, no matter what medium you choose to use, and we all influence each other. Architecture can inspire haute couture, sculpture can serve as a painters muse, music influences dance, and as a photographer I find inspriation in all of these places.

So I was sad to hear that British designer Alexander McQueen died today. He was only 40 years old, but significantly impacted the fashion world during his short career. He brought integrity and social awareness to haute couture, but in doing so did not sacrifice the quality of his designs. They were impeccably tailored, beautifully textured and scaled, richly colored (even his neutrals) and (perhaps surprisingly) wearable. I added a little more plaid to my wardrobe and was inspired to wear more red after seeing his dresses on Sarah Jessica Parker. So long live the influence of Alexander McQueen.

photo credits (when available): stuart ramson, francois guillot,

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