tennis sunday

I don’t usually find myself deep in the woods on a tennis finals day, but though my heart is in Indian Wells and I’m wondering whether Rafael Nadal is meeting Roger Federer in the finals I am actually hundreds of miles north in Mendocino, California.

You’re probably wondering what would take me away from tennis sunday. It’s definitely something special. I’m currently at Mendocino Woodlands Camp with landscape architecture students from the University of Oregon doing research and field work at an historic summer camp that was built in the 1930s. Only two such camps were built on the west coast and this is the only one being used as it was when it opened during the Great Depression. But more on that later… it’s Tennis Sunday!

So in honor of what I hope is transpiring in the southern part of this state here are a few more shots from the Nadal v. Federer match I was lucky to see a couple weeks ago. Vamos Rafa!

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