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A new year, a new photography project. For 2011, my friend Chris and I are collaborating on a fun new project called photomot.

photomot (n) /foh toh moh/
we love photos. we love words. each week we choose a word. each week we take a photograph inspired by that word. at the end of the week we surprise each other with our photos (and magic) create a single image.

Here are our first two diptychs. More will come as the year unfolds. Enjoy!



diptychs – february 2010

Since March is almost over I thought it was about time I posted some highlights from our February diptychs. At the end of February Kaitlyn and I had finished four months (a whole quarter of a year) of taking and uploading a photograph a day and combining them on flickr. I’m excited that winter is nearly over and we are seeing more life and light in each day.