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the shot

There are a few signature shots I love to take.

[No, not those kind of shots. Though if you have to know I would say I found a couple favorites not too long ago one night at the MAC club – namely chocolate cake and lemon drop. At one point jello shots got me into some “hot” (well actually cold) water on my 21st birthday, but that’s an entirely separate story.]

Now back to photography… I love black and white with the least possible amount of light, I love shadows and skies, I love taking shots from the ground looking up at a group of friends faces, and I love repeat photography. Recently I was able to repeat a portrait shot in one of my favorite places – the Getty Villa in Malibu, California

I photographed my brother there last spring and this year I found myself with the chance to shoot friends in the same location. I don’t know what it is about this place – the natural light, the strong architectural features, the symmetry, the texture. Or the way that all those things make the people I’m photographing feel. I love capturing that on film.


Lisa, Mari, Karin, Tricia and I had a girls’ weekend at Sunriver in mid-May and I got to relive some wonderful summer memories from growing up in Oregon in the 1970s.

My family used to spend a week in the volcanic desert community every summer around the 4th of July fishing, golfing, swimming and biking. We always rented a house right on the golf course which my brother and I loved ’cause we could play on the greens after dark. But during the days we were either biking to the nature center, swimming pool, or stables. So I packed up my bike, tennis racket, and golf clubs ’cause even though it was going to reach the high 90s I wasn’t going to stop until I did a little of everything.

I didn’t get to everything… I’d need a week to do that, but I did bike nearly every path in the place by the time we left on Sunday. And around every corner I ran into wonderful and quintessentially Oregon memories.

Me holding Lucky just before the frog jumping contest at the Fireman’s Picnic in 1979.

Erik and I biking around Sunriver in 1978.

Erik and I watching Dad get ready to tee off in 1978.

Erik in his Portland Trailblazers NBA Champions shirt and me in my “old school” Nikes. It doesn’t get more Oregon in the 1970s than that!

la la land

Christmas in LA in March. Nothing about that sounds right, but mom and I had a great trip to the Palm lined city – a visit we’d planned over the winter when we couldn’t rendezvous with my brother in December. We took in a concert at Erik’s studio, had dinner at Ford’s Filling Station in Culver City, and toured the recently reopened Getty Villa in Malibu. We had breakfast at Urth Cafe with Peter and Garrett before meeting up with them again in West Hollywood for dinner. It felt a lot like our old Boston days, but in a much nicer climate!! I guess I can see why they like their la la life.

oregon wine tasting

mom, ivy and i spent a gorgeous day tasting pinots and chardonnays south of portland. my favorite chardonnay (which i don’t usually like) was from Durant Vineyards, my favorite pinot blanc was from Four Graces, and there was a tie between my favorite pinot noirs between a 2006 Estate label from Four Graces and Witness Tree’s Claim No. 51. it was an unusually crisp clear oregon november day and perfect for another tour of oregon’s harvest.