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i left my heart

When winter has just about hammered you into the ground – you know you’re all hunched over and you can’t remember what it felt like to walk outside without every inch covered – then it’s time to head south. I didn’t even need to go that far south, just to the bay area, but it was just what I needed.

Soon after landing the famous first line from The Outsiders washed over my mind. “When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home…” Like Ponyboy I was also getting ready to hitch a ride, but couldn’t think of anything else but what it felt like to breathe warm sweet spring air. I think I stood there breathing in and out for a good five minutes.

Though in town for work, I also carved out time to catch up with my dear friends Tucker and Gretchen – a couple days in Berkeley followed by a couple days in San Francisco. Just what the doctor ordered! And after all that sunshine and warm weather, spa visits, good food and friends I definitely left my heart in San Francisco.

Smiling Midas

Tucker’s beautiful home designed by Julia Morgan, the architect whose work on Hearst Castle I researched for two years

Drinking bourbon and playing darts with Chris and Jay

Gorgeous shop windows in San Francisco

Eating at the bar

Olives and oranges

happy thanksgiving

I’ve had some pretty amazing Thanksgiving celebrations over the years (Portland, Dant, Roundhill, Cambridge, Oregon wine country, Seaside, Mexico) and 2010 is setting up to be another wonderful event. Ted and Tara are hosting a late afternoon dinner for family and friends at their home in Laurelhurst and the Oregon Ducks are playing tomorrow. Delicious food, exciting football, and vacation days – what’s not to love! In honor of years past here’s a look back at some wonderful holiday memories and the friends I’ve been honored to share this holiday with. Happy Thanksgiving!