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fun stories happen

There is so much wonder in this story that I had to share it. You know how much I love photography and traveling. Well this man’s story about a roll of film that propelled him on an amazing adventure marries both beautifully.

I’ve been following this story since December when it could have just as easily been me who found the roll of film in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park after that crippling holiday snow storm. I was just down the street housesitting for friends and also venturing out into the snow to photograph the frozen and buried city. Thankfully Todd Bieber found the film canister when he was cross-country skiing through the park and decided to pick it up.

I love so much about this story, but my favorite part is why Todd picked up the film instead of skiing right by it, as he said he would normally do. To be honest, most of us would. But Todd remembered something a friend told him, “fun stories happen when you make choices you wouldn’t normally make.” Now those are words to live by! I hope just knowing about this story will encourage all of us to make a few choices we wouldn’t normally make and add a few more adventures to our lives.

Here is the story on NPR about his adventure…

Lost Roll of Film Returns to Mystery Photographer

Here is the video Todd produced about the last phase of his journey to reunite the film with the photographer…

spring is right around the corner

It seems everyone is a little winter weary these days, and that spring can’t come soon enough. Following a week of maddening weather forecasts and a weekend of record breaking low temperatures I found this photo from my travels to NYC in December perfectly apropos.

ice ice baby

There’s a little shop in New York City that is like heaven on earth. I don’t leave the city without stopping in and I always leave with things that are beautiful in their simplicity. This year’s trip to MUJI was too fruitful for words.

I found a grey tweed sunglasses case, a navy blue and white striped scarf that I haven’t stopped wearing… and just what every former graphic designer who’s obsessed with typography dreams about – a rubber ice/jello mold with all the letters of the alphabet. Can’t wait until summer – jello season!