flip flops

A beautiful package appeared at my door just as the warm weather returned to Portland. And inside were two beautiful flip flops – my favorite shoes and a sure sign that summer is coming. In addition to sharing a love for red shoes, Amy and I share of a love of flip flops… and not just any flip flops, but J.Crew flip flops. So even though we’re on opposite coasts and can’t look through the catalog picking out which shoes we’re going to wear this season… it wouldn’t be spring without a new pair of flip flops. Thanks Amy!

the difference between

The difference between Portland and Boston is that in Portland we have city-wide rallies when we get into the playoffs and in Boston they wait until the championship is in the bag to run around the city and celebrate.

the shot

There are a few signature shots I love to take.

[No, not those kind of shots. Though if you have to know I would say I found a couple favorites not too long ago one night at the MAC club – namely chocolate cake and lemon drop. At one point jello shots got me into some “hot” (well actually cold) water on my 21st birthday, but that’s an entirely separate story.]

Now back to photography… I love black and white with the least possible amount of light, I love shadows and skies, I love taking shots from the ground looking up at a group of friends faces, and I love repeat photography. Recently I was able to repeat a portrait shot in one of my favorite places – the Getty Villa in Malibu, California

I photographed my brother there last spring and this year I found myself with the chance to shoot friends in the same location. I don’t know what it is about this place – the natural light, the strong architectural features, the symmetry, the texture. Or the way that all those things make the people I’m photographing feel. I love capturing that on film.