site guidelines

All content is ©lauriematthews unless stated otherwise. You are free to copy or share my words and images with the understanding that you follow some conditions. Some content is personal in nature, notably images of friends and family, so please do not share any photographs of people unless you’ve requested permission. If this site piques your interest check out my other photographs here.

For personal or non-commercial use
You may use anything I’ve created (exception noted above) as long as you
• don’t change anything—no cropping, no editing, etc.
• don’t use it for commercial purposes
• credit me and this site (see below for more information)

For commercial use
My rates are very reasonable. Please send me an email at for information.

Please credit ©lauriematthews and if you are using an image on the internet please add a link back to this site, or my instagram account @lauriematthews It’s not necessary, but if you do share my work I’d love to hear about it (mainly because I’d be incredibly flattered). Please email me at

I absolutely love to hear what you think. I’m a huge proponent of free speech and welcome any and all meaningful dialogue. All I ask is that comments are civil and don’t belittle or defame anyone’s character. If any comments abuse this guideline I reserve the right to remove that comment.

If you have any questions about this site’s guidelines please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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