what summer is all about

hiking through the high desert of central oregon to the smells of juniper and sage (and coming face to face with a rattlesnake!)
waiting for the campfire to be ready for roasting marshmallows
drinking margaritas and making s’mores
if you’re a kid – playing in the hammock… if you’re an adult – napping in the hammock
preserving all the memories

meet me in st. louis

from time to time i find myself on the road… and recently i visited st. louis. touring the grounds of the st. louis arch designed by eero saarinen and dan kiley was the highlight. going to the top of the arch was not. but hey, now that i’ve done that i don’t ever have to do it again. that’s what i love about life – there’s always a brightside.

check out my ride

for five weeks this spring i logged nearly 11,000 miles. if you strung out all my flights i would have boarded a new plane nearly every other day. and if you strung out the miles i would have driven between portland and boston close to 4 1/2 times.

april 29
pdx to sea – 147 miles
sea to msp – 1382 miles
msp to sea – 1382 miles
sea to geg – 229 miles
geg to pdx – 293 miles
pdx to oak – 531 miles
oak to san simeon – 156
san simeon to oak – 156
oak to pdx – 531 miles
pdx to sea – 147 miles
sea to pdx – 147 miles
pdx to den – 979 miles
den to pdx – 979 miles
pdx to den – 979 miles
den to stl – 792 miles
stl to ord – 262 miles
ord to pdx – 1755 miles
may 30

portland and boston

Since I moved back to Portland I’ve been wondering how it compares with Boston in terms of space and population. So I did a little comparison. (Click on the image above for a more detailed look)

Yes, I realize that makes me a complete landscape architecture nerd, but so be it! The city limits of Portland encompass Boston and eight nearby towns, including Cambridge, Brookline, Somerville, Arlington, Belmont, Watertown, Newton, and Malden (which are outlined in red). Put another way, you could fit all of those cities and towns within the geographic boundaries of the City of Portland.

However, when you compare population between the City of Portland (green bar) and the equivalent geographic area around Boston, Massachusetts (red bar) of approximately 145 square miles, the Boston area contains twice as many people – 1.1 million to Portland’s 529,000 (based on the 2000 census).

Next… a comparison of walking distances between what I currently do now and what I did on a daily basis in Boston. I know! I know! You’re on the edge of your seat.