vaux swifts

Every evening during the month of September hundreds of Portlanders gather on the slopes and fields of Chapman Elementary School to watch the Vaux Swifts fly in circles around the sky before funneling into the school’s chimney to roost for the night. They spend only a brief amount of time in Portland before continuing their migration south towards Central America, but we all gather to watch the show!

the sideshow – before the swifts start to do their stuff the kids take an opportunity to do some summer sledding. and yes, that is a man dressed as a banana. don’t ask – i don’t know.

boston – i love that dirty water!

kaitlyn, amy, joel and andrew at joshua tree in davis square (amy & chris and lynn & lance joined us later)

fenway park

kaitlyn and amy at fenway

kaitlyn, holly and amy watching the game

amy, holly, chris and kaitlyn

news stand outside fenway in kenmore square – go sox!

amy, kaitlyn and andrew in the public gardens

scenes from the 2009 us open

…admittedly heavy on images of Rafael Nadal.

warming up

chatting with Uncle Toni

getting ready to hit

laughing with his manager Carlos Costa

having issues with his shoes

and discussing the issues with his Nike rep

Rafa’s team including the dreamy Carlos Costa

Fernando Verdasco (who warmed up with his cousin Marcos, who is on the University of Oregon tennis team)

the Williams sisters

John McEnroe

Roger Federer

fans trying to get a glimpse of Roger

from anywhere they can!

friday night dinners

Immediately following graduate school I spent a couple years in Connecticut and found an amazing group of friends. We were all new to being Nutmeggers in the Constitution State and so explored our new home in New England together.

With few exceptions, nearly every Friday night we found ourselves at someone’s place (usually Dior’s) for friday night dinner parties. Late nights sometimes reaching to dawn, free-flowing wine and bourbon, and laughter beyond belief characterized these evenings, which only served as a prelude to weekends together.

We recently reunited at Anne and Jeromy’s house in Connecticut for a delicious friday night dinner. We missed Dior, who couldn’t make it, and can only hope that our laughter reached him in California. I’m so lucky to have such amazing, warm, talented, hilarious and generous friends!

working waterfronts

New Bedford anchored the whaling trade along with Nantucket, when whale oil illuminated lamps extended across New England in the 1700s. Today it is still a working waterfront, a port where fishermen dock before heading out to sea for two to three week stretches of time to search for and catch fresh seafood like the tuna, scallops and lobster we had just finished eating.

On our way back to Round Hill we walked through the waterfront in the dark of night to hear the sounds and see the sights of the water’s industrial edge. I have to admit that walking by these large trawlers with their industrial size pulleys and spindles used to pull in loaded down nets sent chills through me. Maybe it is all the death and hardship these boats see when they’re at work, but something permeates their essence that is dark and foreboding. The one bright spot (literally) was a boat at end of the pier.

Three North Carolina fishermen had headed north to avoid the latest hurricane, docked in New Bedford, and were headed out the next morning to harvest sea scallops. Fishing is in their blood, they told us. They know that even while they entertain thoughts of leaving this life, they know they could never say goodbye to the sea.

p.s. I just had to include this fun photo of Amy! The docks may have been creepy, but they still provided an ideal stage for her dance moves!