island scenes

It’s been three years since we’ve made our annual pilgrimage to Martha’s Vineyard for Memorial Day weekend. And oh how I’ve missed it. Like a good friend we picked up right where we left off and it feels like I never left.

loving Jesse St. James

We interupt this otherwise intelligent blog for a brief moment of teenage-like hysteria.

I love Glee and so yes I’m a Gleek! It doesn’t help (or perhaps it does) that I share a design studio with other Gleeks and that we listen to their music nearly every afternoon. Our colleagues from the other side of the office (no we don’t call them the Others) often come in and think we’re crazy for listening to the likes of Journey, Lionel Ritchie and Olivia Newton-John, but we don’t care. It’s Glee!

So you can imagine I was hooked long before Jesse St. James (nee Jonathan Groff) appeared at McKinley High, but now that he’s enrolled it’s a whole new world. So here are my top ten reasons for loving Jesse St. James.

1. he’s got great pipes
2. he nails a mean ballet dance number (in the tradition of Ethan Stiefel from Center Stage)
3. he picks up “lifestyle tips” from celebrity bios
4. he challenges Finn to a sing-off in the parking lot when they are vying for Rachel’s affections
5. he can nail a look that’s “so optimistic in can cure cancer”
6. he understands Rachel’s The Way We Were reference
7. that hair, those dimples, those eyes
9. he uses words like melancholia, epic, fastidiously, and arabesques
10. he’s mischevious… or is he?

homestead hooch

Today I realized I have a bit of a history with home brews… or homestead hooch as it’s been called. I was mixing up a new batch of kombucha and remembered back to high school and college when brewing beer was all the rage.

It started in high school when my friend Matt was brewing beer and wine in his kitchen. We often HAD to skip pre-calculus class to go “check” on the fermenting wonder. Skip ahead a few years and the microbrew beer culture was just beginning to hit Portland when I was at Lewis & Clark College. My friend Joe decided to try his hand at brewing and we would spend afternoons at our friend Mark’s house mixing up concoctions (that’s Joe and I 20 years ago). Of course the irony here is that I’ve never been a huge fan of the malted beverage, but I love the idea of handcrafting something you love.

I got back into home brewing last year when I started brewing kombucha from a SCOBY start I received from my friend Chris. I took a bit of a hiatus over the winter, but now that summer is upon us I’m craving what the Chinese call the drink of the gods. I started a new batch this weekend and I’m looking forward to another summer filled with the elixir.

what’s bloomin’

April showers do indeed bring May flowers. The viburnum is the showiest of all the flowering plants, but the dogwoods, geraniums, scilla, allium and oxalis are all adding to the cornucopia of blooms in my garden.