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Apparently you’re never too old to visit the Magic Kingdom – the happiest place on earth!

Yes, I’m deathly afraid of heights, but yes I did indeed take a ride on California Screamin’. This is no ordinary roller coaster. It goes from 0 to 55 mph in 4 seconds at the ride’s inception and includes one complete inversion about halfway through. I truly felt the limits of my fear and amazingly enough came out the other side.

My brother and mom – the true fans of Disneyland!

strollers strollers everywhere – they even get priority parking spaces near all the rides!


shelter from the storm

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Los Angeles for years, but I don’t need to bore you with that battle. What I can say is that I’ve found it! I’ve found the best place to be in LaLa land, especially when a fast-moving storm is rolling off the Pacific Ocean. What began as a bummer of a day with low grey clouds hovering over L.A. (one of the city’s few high points is its constant sunshine) ended in dramatic fashion with a courtside view of the storm followed by the Getty Center lighting up like a jewel. The rain soaked marble reflected every possible bit of light emanating from Richard Meier’s architectural masterpiece. I saw the city and one of its prized possessions in a whole new light. That’s a three-pointer at the buzzer for L.A.

urth caffe

Crema is my favorite cafe in Portland… but when I’m in L.A. it’s all about Urth Caffe. I’m on a soy chai latte kick right now and theirs have just the right amount of spice without too much sugary sweetness. It’s a comfy cozy good morning in a cup. Surrounded by friends (our first time together since Memorial Day on the Vineyard in 2007) and a little verbal sparring with Peter made for a perfect morning. As you can see I had just won the latest bout.