diptychs – part deux

Kaitlyn and I have been busy snapping away all over Oregon and New England to capture daily photos for our diptych experiment (see earlier post for more details). Sometimes we end up snapping photos in places where people wonder what the heck we are doing. A little public humiliation never stopped us before and it won’t be stopping us now. Here are a few more diptychs we’ve created as the first month of our experiment comes to a close.

the last kodachrome lab

If you have rolls of kodachrome film still hanging around your closet like I do, then check out this story. There is only one lab left in the world that develops the iconic film. This film changed the trajectory of popular photography and was memorialized by Paul Simon in one of my favorite songs, Kodachrome. The lab in Kansas will continue to develop this film until the end of 2010, which means I have some photography shoots to schedule! Looking forward to 2010!


the streak

It should come as no surprise that I’m involved in a cut throat competition with super high stakes – a winner take all, reputations on the line, battle for sports fan supremacy. Yes, I’m competing against my co-workers to see who can emerge with the best record of NFL picks.

I started off poorly – no doubt about it. I was traveling during the first few weeks of the season so didn’t get all my picks in. Not an auspicious start, but lately I’ve picked up steam. Lately I’ve beat my fellow competitors for three weeks running. Will I make it four? All I know for sure is you gotta respect the streak.
A few of my favorite streaks
  • New England Patriots – Two longest NFL winning streaks with 18 games in 2003-04 and 21 games in 2006-2008
  • 1991 Indianapolis Colts – Twenty-one consecutive quarters without a touchdown
  • Joe DiMaggio – Even though I’m not a Yankees fan you have to love a 56-game hitting streak
  • Boston Red Sox – Eighty-six years without a World Series (the streak itself was horrible, but breaking it was oh so sweet!)
  • Boston Celtics – Eight straight NBA titles
  • Lance Armstrong – Seven Tour de France wins, ’nuff said.

December 7th update – the streak is still alive! I beat the boys for the fifth week in a row (that’s five, count ’em). This week was touch and go, but I pulled it out in the end.

December 13th update – it’s sad, but true. The has streak ended with a loss to the fighting turducken. However, I still hold the record for most weekly wins.

every four years

Every four years I do this. Every four years I start reading news articles and opinion pieces about athletes who will compete in the upcoming Olympic games. It’s my way of getting prepared. It’s my dry land training regimen.

Usually I wait until after the holidays, but this year the Winter Olympics have been on my mind a bit earlier in the season. I wonder why?!
My method is not scientific. My process is haphazard at best. My choices are guided by instinct (see below*). But having a list of a dozen or so athletes to follow during the games makes the viewing and rooting experience so much richer. So here is a preliminary list of athletes I’ll follow in 2010 and why…

  • Tony Benshoof (luge) – hates airline travel, loves to listen to the radio, loves road trips, has to push through pain to do what he loves. I can identify with all of those, plus I just love saying “luge”.
  • Sara Studebaker (biathalon) – loves the camp-like atmosphere of training camps, likes going to new places. Add to that the biathalon always reminds me of snowy chukkar hunts in the hills above the Deschutes River with close friends.
  • Steve Mesler (bobsled) – childhood friend of dave’s (one of my closest friends from boston), he recently gave up his spot (temporarily) to Stephen Colbert during a “training” run in Lake Placid. A friend of Dave’s is always a friend of mine!
  • Kaylin Richardson (skiing) – trains in Chile, talks about respecting the process. I started this blog after following a friend’s blog who was teaching in Chile, and you have to cheer for someone who loves the process. The process is as much a part of a writer/photographer’s life as it is part of an athlete’s life.
  • Apolo Ohno (speed skating) – from the Pacific Northwest, will become the most decorated American Winter Olympian with one more medal in Vancouver, the way he wears his bandana reminds me of Rafael Nadal. He’s from the Northwest and he reminds me of Nadal – ’nuff said.
*Yes, I root for the Oregon Ducks – it’s only right since I have two degrees from the University of Oregon. I also passionately follow the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots – a natural legacy from my years living in Boston. But people often look at me funny when I mention that I’m pulling for the Texas Longhorns. I’ve never lived in Texas, I haven’t even visited. So why do I root for Texas? It’s simple: a love of design (their kick-ass logo combined with their sweet school colors) + a love of sports = a soft spot for the University of Texas. Like I said, it’s not scientific.

the word is out

My beautiful hometown of Portland, Oregon is truly rallying behind me and my quest to blog from the Winter Olympic games. And let me tell you it feels amazing!

I’ve always been the fan, I’ve always been the one cheering people on so they can fulfill their dream. Now the shoe is on the other foot and I finally understand how much it means to have friends, family and fans, cheer you on. It’s breathtaking and truly inspiring to feel this kind of support.

In addition to numerous friends – reaching all the way back to grade school (Yeah Bridlemile!) and the hallowed halls of Wilson High (Go Trojans!) – I just found out that Brian Westbrook, a local radio newscaster (not to be confused with the running back for the Philadelphia Eagles), has picked up my story. Check out his blog! Add to that the support of a local blogger and a local webdesigner who just happened to design the website for this whole contest. Thanks Heather and Chris!

I have to say that I’m truly touched and forever changed by what my friends and family and total strangers have done to help this Oregonian fulfill her dream. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.