Traveling is not as glamorous as it once was. You have to practically strip down to your knickers and empty everything out of your bag before passing through security. Delays are common place. Planes have become huge petrie dishes that pass illnesses around like hot potatoes. The seats are often uncomfortable and cramped, and those that provide a little more comfort are expensive. But even amongst all this chaos there is beauty.

A gentleman who wished to remain anonymous gave up his seat in first class to an American soldier flying back from Iraq on my flight from Minneapolis to Portland last week. He made this gesture quietly. He wanted no recognition, but the soldier wouldn’t give up until he found the root of this generosity. Once he did, the soldier walked back to thank the gentleman who humbly accepted his thanks. And in turn, the gentleman thanked the soldier for his contribution to our country. It was a simple and thoughtful exchange that I was honored to witness.

mini soda (or is it pop)

Sometimes my work affords me opportunities to travel to places I really want to visit. That happened last weekend when I flew to Minnesota for a project and was able to squeeze some time in to visit the Crosby’s and the Rahr’s. Lesley and Stewart opened their beautiful home to me and graciously showed me around the city. Markell and Willie also hosted a wonderful reunion dinner where we got to relive all the great times we had when we all lived in Portland in the mid-90s. The best news of all is that this was just the first trip of many that will unfold over the next several months. Minnesota – here I come!


I’ve listened to Barack Obama’s acceptance speech nearly a dozen times and I still cry every time I hear his words – just as much for what he says as how he says it. He’s intelligent and his words are rhythmic. As I look back at election night I can’t fail to see the symbolism. Obama’s rally was an open invitation to the citizens of Chicago and America while McCain’s was invite only. Obama’s was in a public open space and McCain’s was at an exclusive and expensive hotel. McCain’s supporters booed when he mentioned Obama and Obama’s supporters cheered when Obama mentioned McCain. Obama’s speech said so much, but the rallies spoke volumes.