what’s at your core?

Following on the heels of my participation in sfgirlbybay’s Blog It Forward project I was contacted by Ignite Social Media and asked to enter Intel’s Access Your Core contest. They’d seen my entry for the Microsoft Winter Games Blogging Contest and had read my blog. One more of these and I won’t be surprised if Ed McMahon comes back from the dead and shows up on my doorstep!

So here it goes… I’ll be hitting y’all up for votes once again. Voting has begun and lasts through March 17th! The best part is that when you vote you’re automatically entered to win an Intel powered laptop! They’re giving one away each week. So check out my entry and VOTE!

If I win I’ll receive a new Intel powered laptop and between $3K and $7K. Seed money for a new venture… a trip to Spain… a 40th birthday party weekend with friends… a new camera lens… oh, the possibilities are endless. Help me dream and dream big!

inspiration knows best

Inspiration. If we’re lucky we encounter it every day, many times a day. It can appear in the most unlikely places and also feel like home. It serves as both the spark and the breath of creativity. It’s both subtle and powerful, sudden and prolonged.

I’m honored to be one of 300 creative souls taking part in sfgirlbybay’s blog it forward project where we will each answer the question – what inspires us? I’ve taken the baton from Sycamore Street Press and will pass it on to tam.me. tomorrow. We are part of just one of several chains of inspiration that are in motion this month. The full list can be found here. Enjoy! And be inspired!

Ahhh, the list could go on…. But what inspires you?

the thrill of victory… the agony of defeat

Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport… the thrill of victory… and the agony of defeat… the human drama of athletic competition… This is ABC’s Wide World of Sports!

I don’t know about you, but these words still touch a deep emotional cord. I was reminded of that show after Queen Latifah who is in Vancouver supporting Team USA, said, “I wish I could see every event. Ever since I was a little kid, since I watched Wide World of Sports on ABC, I always wanted to see the ski jump. I want to see someone fly down that hill, go up in the air and then land and nail it.”

Like her, I began my love affair with sports watching Jim McKay “span the globe” to bring celebrations of the human spirit into my home. It’s no wonder that I am glued to the competitions of the Olympic games, Wimbledon and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships (just to name a few) since these were all featured on that groundbreaking program. In fact, Wide World of Sports was the first to cover Wimbledon and March Madness.

So here’s to Queen Latifah and all the fans (like my friends Nate and Molly) who are in Vancouver to support our athletes. The Queen said it best, “It’s international. It’s us. It’s America. It’s the world. It’s Canada doing a great job representing their country, and giving us a great show, and welcoming us.” I’m right there with you in spirit.

diptychs – january 2010

Here are some highlights from our third month of diptychs. I love the warm rich colors we’ve captured during a traditionally grey month. Being a photographer means obsessing over lighting and I’ve been encouraged to see twilight creep into the later evening hours as winter wanes.

opening ceremonies

I may not have been able to see them live (even though they took place in my own timezone – NBC you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do) or in person… but here’s my take on the highlights and lowlights of the opening ceremonies.

Best scarf – Canada

Most French – Great Britain

Most fashionable – Italy

Best knits – Andorra followed by United States (hat)

Best hat – Cayman Islands and Iceland

Most innovative use of the recent paisley fashion trend – Azerbaijan

Preppiest – Bermuda followed by Monaco

Most tragic use of prints – Finland  followed by Czech Republic

Best jackets – Peru

Biggest flashback to the 80s – Germany and Poland followed (with love) by Bryan Adams

Best use of trendy colors (yellow and turquoise) – Sweden

Best sweater and belt combination – United States

Best mittens – Canada


Best performance – Beat Poet Shane Koyczan

Most mesmerizing – Orcas swimming through the ocean

Best song – Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now followed by k.d. lang’s Hallelujah

Coolest graphics – Native American motifs

Most surprising – Donald Sutherland is Canadian

Least surprising but biggest no-brainer – Wayne Gretzky lighting the torch

images: courtesy msnbc.com