what’s at your core?

Following on the heels of my participation in sfgirlbybay’s Blog It Forward project I was contacted by Ignite Social Media and asked to enter Intel’s Access Your Core contest. They’d seen my entry for the Microsoft Winter Games Blogging Contest and had read my blog. One more of these and I won’t be surprised if Ed McMahon comes back from the dead and shows up on my doorstep!

So here it goes… I’ll be hitting y’all up for votes once again. Voting has begun and lasts through March 17th! The best part is that when you vote you’re automatically entered to win an Intel powered laptop! They’re giving one away each week. So check out my entry and VOTE!

If I win I’ll receive a new Intel powered laptop and between $3K and $7K. Seed money for a new venture… a trip to Spain… a 40th birthday party weekend with friends… a new camera lens… oh, the possibilities are endless. Help me dream and dream big!

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