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august 12

Seeing these women watercoloring at Director’s Park reminds me of the magical month of August I spent watercoloring in and around Siena, Italy twelve years ago. We sat on little chairs like this in piazzas everywhere.

the typography of new orleans

As you know I’m crazy about letters – typography, monograms, fonts, letterpress, you name it. In fact, my new diptych project, photomot, incorporates typography into photographs that my friend Chris and I take each week.

Maybe it’s because of photomot, but I feel my eyes have been implanted with magnets that can’t help but be drawn to a bold modern ‘a’ or an elusive cursive ‘z’. It doesn’t really matter what it says, I just look at the curves, the colors, the simplicity or complexity, the layout, and how they all work together. I’ve also been lamenting the scarcity of good fonts in my collection – it’s time for a few key acquisitions to spice things up.

Regardless, New Orleans, especially the signs in the French Quarter and engraved marble crypts in the cemeteries gave me a great deal to drool over. Any favorites from this collection?! Or any favorite fonts I should check out for my collection?!

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typography art

I’ve been obsessed with typography for over 25 years – everything from monograms to fonts to letterpress. My house is filled with letters. Put a letter or a word on something and I’m drawn to it like a bear to honey. So I was intrigued by Jonathan Safran Foer’s new book which celebrates the word and an overlooked paper art – the die cut.

I think many people, including myself, are wondering what the future of publishing holds. I love technology, but can’t imagine a world without the printed word. JSF’s new work celebrates what makes books unique in an otherwise digital age.

a small taste of new orleans

New Orleans is just what the doctor ordered – warm weather, amazing food, and stimulating discussions with former colleagues. Here’s just a taste…

Stay tuned for more from New Orleans including a review of my new favorite restaurant – Coquette.

late winter light

There are those days, you know the ones, where the light is just magical. Though easy to find in the summer months, they are elusive in late winter. On this particular day the light kept changing, but was always stunning given the painterly effects it created. It made this reflection in the backyard creek come alive.