what’s bloomin’

April showers do indeed bring May flowers. The viburnum is the showiest of all the flowering plants, but the dogwoods, geraniums, scilla, allium and oxalis are all adding to the cornucopia of blooms in my garden.

3 thoughts on “what’s bloomin’”

  1. Hi Laurie,

    I came across your blog on wordpress and I looked at some of your photographs and they are absolutely stunning! I started a photography blog myself for the first time 3 weeks ago and I would appreciated very much if you could offer me some tips to make it as a great as yours! I mostly have problems getting traffic on my blog :o(



    1. Thanks for your sweet compliment and for checking out my blog. I use a few loose rules in terms of my photography – I really try to narrow down what I post to my absolute favorites or the ones that really tell a story. In terms of encouraging traffic I try to post things regularly (though I’ve been a bit lax with that lately) and have my blog posts announced on facebook and twitter when they go live. I’ve also taken part in some great opportunities with blogging communities. Good luck!

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